Ordering Information

Our ordering system is pretty simple, but here's some tips before placing your orders with us.

 1.) First and most important. Our system and cart is on a secure server. Your private information is encrypted and we do not in any way share or sell your private detailed info.
 Notice when you enter the cart pages and upon checkout the website address will start with HTTPS:
 2.) Even though you do not have to register to purchase, it is recommended, so you can come back and login to check your order status.
 3.) If for some reason the cart does not seem to take your order, it may be because your item has a min. purchase qty. The item will say this on the page. Make sure your qty. entered matches the min.
 4.) In the sample picture below, note the RED* all this means, is you must select these options or the cart will not let you proceed. Many customers submit orders without all info. This corrects that problem.

If you have any question, please feel free to contact us.

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